Gillian White



After graduating from U.C.A. Canterbury in 2001, Gillian White opened her house to the Public as part of Artists Open Houses during Canterbury Festival. The house was the Art Work and visitors were invited to view art in an alternative venue to a Gallery. Over a period of six years, hundreds of visitors were able to witness an everchanging environment within the home.



Gillian White moved to Folkestone in 2007 to be part of the regeneration of the town through the arts. She now lives and works in the Creative Quarter.



Her studio is the cafe

where she meets friends

and can begin to form

the work. On summer days

a bench in The Coastal

Park, Folkestone is an

alternative Studio.

This bench is now

featured in Strange

Cargo's Triennial project

who have produced the

People's Guidebook

to Folkestone entitled

"Everywhere Means

something to Someone."




Since living in Folkestone Gillian has pursued the theme of nostalgia - wistful memories of earlier times. Her materials are wools found on her travels both in the UK and in New York. Gillian is now collecting unwanted chairs and giving them a new identity as an art object. Her crocheted tea cups, saucers, tea pots and accompanying book are part of the project entitled "Everything will be fine after a nice cup of tea."



Gillian has also taken part in exhibitions throughout Kent.

Alternative studio